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 Staff Application - Festive

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Staff Application - Festive Empty
PostSubject: Staff Application - Festive   Staff Application - Festive Empty1/20/2013, 9:15 am

Username: Festive

Age : 14

Your current rank: Donator

What timezone you are in: GMT +1 Netherlands

How long have you been playing on the server? Like 1 Days.

Why do you want Staff? For helping players and the server!

Why do you think you should become Staff? Cause i help everybody and can help this server to build up!

What do you have to offer the server? I can script/code, helping people and forums!

Have you been staff on any other servers before: Yes, see under! |||||

Past experience: Dubscape(CO) - Ritzscape (Admin) - Prevailsscape (Mod) - Popscape (Admin) - Atomicrne (Helper/Mod)

How would you deal with a player with a big mouth? I wilk make a deal with him/her and give him/her a #1 - #2 - #3 Strike.

Will you listen and do what you are told by higher ranks? I will be respective!

Are you willing to constantly give up your time to help others? Yes, I will.

Are you willing to help the server every day by voting and posting when needed? I will vote everyday!

How will you be a model to others? I will help much as I can help!

Have you broken any rules? No, why should I ?

Extra info: My real name is Marko, IRL i like fishing.

Staff Application - Festive Tumblrmda8ar6ffi1qbzqib
What da fuck do you want?
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Staff Application - Festive
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