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 [UPDATED] Firecape's In-game Staff Application.

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[UPDATED] Firecape's In-game Staff Application. Empty
PostSubject: [UPDATED] Firecape's In-game Staff Application.   [UPDATED] Firecape's In-game Staff Application. Empty1/22/2013, 4:53 am

~ - - [Firecape's Staff Application] - - ~

- How Long have you been on Overload-xxx and have you enjoyed it, why? -

about 2 days now, but i know the source really well and quite familiar with the game


- Real Name -



- In game Name? -



- Age -



- Gender -



- Location -
Originally from the United States Of America, But Currently living in Qatar due to my Academic studies


- Position Applying For -



- Do you have experience being staff? -

Yes, i was an co-owner in fallen-angel and owned my own server once and things turned out to be pretty good.However, i never did any coding due
to my low knowledge in coding and programming.


- How Long can you be on Per Day -

7 hours.


- What Days of they Week can you be on -

Every single day except for Fridays .


- Why should you be Chosen (explain) -

Because i know the system of the server pretty well i want to help build the server to the top by stopping spammers and i will also help out
with the bug abusers recently i have found a Huge glitch and it was currently fixed by the help of Mador and crazycracker, I'm also a very friendly
person who never says no to anyone who needs help at all times, i never ever get bored of helping people which in my point of view is the
secret to having a lot of players and having a leading Runescape Private Server .


- Other Information -

i would like to help the server i know all of the staff and are good friends with most of them, i love the server and i would like to help make changes which would
be beneficial and help the server grow so we can rise to the top , which i strongly believe will be a piece of cake to us since we have nice owners and administrators
who cooperate with players and rest of the staff members.


-What are you going to do if there's a spammer?-

give him a warning at first, if he does it again it is a mute/jail , and if he makes a new account and doesn't cooperate with me as a staff
and might lead to a ban/IP-Ban.


- What are you going to do if someone is using offensive Lang? -

give them 2 warnings (because it is somewhat hard to not use offensive language) and on the third time i would mute him, only in certain times though.

Thanks everyone for taking the time to read my application and I am positively sure that i will not let any of the owners and the rest of the
staff members down, with the experience i have with private servers i hope i please everyone playing.

Happy Gaming Everyone
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[UPDATED] Firecape's In-game Staff Application.
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