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 (New staff application) Sourpepsi

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(New staff application) Sourpepsi Empty
PostSubject: (New staff application) Sourpepsi   (New staff application) Sourpepsi Empty1/25/2013, 7:11 am

Username: kris

Gender: Male and horse

Age : 14

Your current rank: member

What timezone you are in: pacific

How long have you been playing on the server? 20 mins

Why do you want Staff? For helping players and the server because it's fun.

Why do you think you should become Staff? Cause i help everybody and can help this server to build up and i will get my friend on here.

What do you have to offer the server? Just keep it fun entertaining and great to play

Have you been staff on any other servers before: yes plenty of time's just i don't remember any servers because it's been awhile.

How would you deal with a player with a big mouth? I will make a deal with him/her and give him/her a #1 - #2 - #3 Strike, than if they still don't stop i'll temp mute

Will you listen and do what you are told by higher ranks? I will be respective and helpful

Are you willing to constantly give up your time to help others? Yes, I will.

Are you willing to help the server every day by voting and posting when needed? I will vote everyday!

How will you be a model to others? I will help much as I can help!

Have you broken any rules? No, and i'll try my very best not to.

Extra info: my real name is krystian as in (christian) i love to play games and i like puppys!!

Why do you think you deserve to be staff: I deserve it because i'm always loyal, helpful,creative,entertaining, and just fun to be around, i enforce the rules and i don't allow people to brake them.

Staff spot? I would like to be admin but it really doesn't matter I would take mod aswell.

What days of the week can you be on? I can be on any day which is great. Very Happy

How many hours do you play daily? 5-7 hrs maybe but if something happens it's less

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(New staff application) Sourpepsi
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